My raison d’être

If he were to introduce himself, this Place might whisper to you:

“From a simple barn perched in a belvedere, I have now become a non-spiritual retreat, a centre for relaxation and well-being where you can make a non-religious retreat.

I offer myself to you in the resonance of beauty, silence and space so that you can vibrate internally with these tones…

Through my contact, come and harmonise and pacify yourself in the “Rainbow Essence” of being fully in touch with who “I Am”.

What's on offer at Les Granges de la Hulotte?

Peaceful accommodation

A simple nature break, a meditation retreat in this centre for relaxation and well-being in the peace and quiet of the high Pyrenees mountains…

All these proposals are dedicated to being present with yourself, to inner renewal, knowing that Éric welcomes you while adapting to your needs.

“Simply stop doing, to be, in the midst of a peaceful setting in the heart of nature.”

Courses, meditation retreats or individual support

The various sessions use mindfulness tools (meditation, cardiac coherence, yoga, etc.).
These allow you to anchor yourself in the present moment and (re)connect with yourself.

A bit of all that, in any case an anti-stress place in the Pyrenees for a meditation retreat, a break from a sometimes heavy or oppressive everyday life.
Take a break in this natural setting to fully rediscover yourself, take stock of your life and (re)centre yourself in the field of possibilities…

Les Granges de la Hulotte is also a centre for relaxation and well-being in the heart of authentic nature, where peace and silence reign supreme!

It’s an ideal place for a non-spiritual or non-religious retreat.